Photo credit: Lyukum.net

Welcome, everyone.

My name is Katia and my passion is editorial foodphotography and styling.

I was born in Minsk, Belarus. Have a degree in sociology and worked as a scientist for 6 years. Met my husband on the Internet, we moved in and it’s changed everything. I started developing my passion for food and photography. I also had a great time working as a food stylist assistant in a commercial food photo studio for a year.

We moved to the US in 2016 and now live in sunny Texas, Dallas area.

I believe we find our sense of home through food. It enables us to preserve memories, share feelings and experiences, find out something new and understand other cultures better. Even very simple food could offer a story and I love to explore its beauty with the help of my camera.

Except for my native language, I speak Russian and continue to polish my English. When I’m not cooking and taking photographs I’m watching films, learning urban sketching, reading books (fiction and non-fiction), learning Italian, doing some personal photo projects and exploring Lone Star state.

I would love to work with you.

Photo credit: Lyukum.net